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Building the dream since 2003

Building the dream since 2003

One of the key benefits of choosing Pure France is the quality of the hand-picked property. However, not all listings started off in such a finished state. A few of the premium rental properties listed with Pure France started in a less than sorry state. That is before designed and executed the renovation. Take for instance Maison Tigre - rentals ref: 34459

"It's hard to believe that the finished result evolved from the original building, but it's incredible what can be achieved with a good design approach and quality execution."

Working with clients and investors from all over the world Renosud specialise in complex renovation and new build. "It's challenging but hugely rewarding." says Sally Clarke who recalls how years of careful development have resulted in a unique service for English speaking buyers and investors.

Over the years Renosud has brought together a team of talented and highly skilled professionals. The method has been finely tuned with in-house architectural drafting, planning permission management and complete project execution. It's a tightly defined process that offers a unique turnkey service in English. It's secure, reliable and fully guaranteed which is important when investments can be considerable.

Clients concentrate on making decisions and following project progress with video and multimedia on their own dedicated media site while Renosud do all the rest. The transformations are often incredible. "We take great pride in what we do. Bringing properties back to life and realising people’s lifelong dreams is very satisfying." says Sally Clarke.

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