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Anyone for snooker?

Anyone for snooker?

With great facilities like a snooker or pool table at your self catering holiday rental property, you will be able to keep yourself (and the kids!) entertained without having to leave the house.

A perfect combination of relaxation and activity

As well as a private swimming pool and great self-catering facilities, many of our holiday properties have games and sports equipment, such as snooker and pool tables, table tennis and boules.

Games are great for keeping children, particularly restless teenagers, out of trouble or for bringing out your competitive streak and enjoying an evening of family fun after the sun sets.

Having these facilities is also a great back up should there be any rare rainy days during your holiday.

Why not choose a holiday property which allows you to practice your skills, or learn new ones as well as relaxing in beautiful surroundings in your French holiday destination.

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