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Holiday on a grapevine

Holiday on a grapevine

Discover what actually goes into producing a bottle of French wine.

Rieux-Minervois the wine capital

In the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon wine production region lies the small village of Rieux-Minervois. It has caves for both red and white wine and a large-scale wine bottling plant tucked away in the surrounding vineyards.

Wine cave in Rieux-Minervois

The Rieux-Minervois wine cave (tradesman entrance)

Late September the wine making season begins. Early mornings begin with the grapes harvested from the surrounding vineyards. This process is both scientific and mystical, because with early mornings and just the right ambient temperature the best crop will be achieved.

Tractor drivers and hand grape pickers depart in all directions to the far reaches of the Languedoc's grape laden vineyards.

What is harvested, collected and returned to the caves for the start of the vinification process is the raw grape.

And so begins the French wine-making process

The red harvested grapes are transferred to the cave containing two storey high concrete fermentation tanks.

Concrete grape fermentation tanks

The Rieux-Minervois cave containing concrete wine fermentation tanks

The white harvested grapes are transferred to the cave containing stainless steel fermentation vessels.

Stainless steel white grape fermentation vessels

The Rieux-Minervois cave containing stainless steel white grape fermentation vessels

The 21st Century technology of wine making

When it comes to producing a good bottle of wine, technology plays quite a big part. Science is mixed with traditional age-old wine making methods to produce a taste to the palate that appeals to the masses.

Automated wine productionWooden wine barrels age the wine

21st Century technology is combined with traditional wooden barrels that age the wine

Wine bottle labels are automatically appliedEmpty wine bottles

Technology again at play applying the labels and puts the corks in the necks of the bottles

Holiday on a grapevine

Discover the beautiful Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Languedoc-Roussillon vineyards

Famous Languedoc-Roussillon vineyards

Languedoc-Roussillon grapes

Languedoc-Roussillon grapes

Holiday property in the vineyards

Holiday rental properties on the doorstep of the Languedoc vineyards

Mas de Lozanne

Self catering farmhouse set among vineyards

Mas Orbiel

Holiday property on wine estate

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