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Chateaux in France

Chateaux in France

They exist the world over but what makes French châteaux some of the best?

The French château. With the word it coungers up magic, history, mystery and splendid grandeur and style from a long ago by-gone age.

The château was once home to the 'Lord of the manor' dating back to the 10th Century. The structure set within private grounds far from reach of prying eyes featured gate-houses, tree-lined driveways and large private fishing lakes.

Upon entering the fortified accommodation it was divided between private residence and day-to-day quarters, home to the many staff including maids, waiters, cooks and groundsmen. The role of stables within the grounds was to house and maintain the Lords treasured horses and livestock.

Château dining room

Château Entre Deux Mers Tree lined driveway Sitting room

Living in a French château in the 21st Century

It is possible even now in the 21st Century to relive the sights and sounds of this by-gone era.

The holiday accommodation specialist in France, offers you a wide range of traditional châteaux located from the Loire-Valley, the Dordogne to the South-West regions of France.

Live the life of the 'Lord and Lady' for a week or two, or more in the beautiful deepest rolling French countryside, comfortably within your own private château with private swimming pool, extensive private grounds along with all the luxuries that only the 21st Century offer.

Château Capbourteil

The featured holiday rental châteaux from above are...

37002 - Château Richelieu in Richelieu, Loire Valley
47028 - Château Capbourteil in Andiran, South West France
33009 - Château Entre-Deux-Mers in Arbis, South West France
32001 - Château Saint-Aignan in La Romieu, South West France
47081 - Château Sauvetat in La Sauvetat-sur-Lède, Dordogne

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