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Going on holiday is meant to be fun

Going on holiday is meant to be fun

We all need a holiday. And all self-catering holiday rental websites offer us the ability to tick those seemingly endless 'criteria' boxes so we can find our ideal holiday property down to the finest detail.

How many boxes is it physically possible to tick ? Tick all the ones you want and how many of your ideal houses are you presented with ? Precisely. None. Disillusioned you start again.

Going on holiday is meant to be fun.

So relax and enjoy a new and unique concept in searching for your perfect holiday retreat; specialists of high-end, self-catering properties in France, '' have deconstructed the whole tick-box-criteria and offer the ability to simply look at photos of label-free properties, pools and interiors to appeal to your browsing, first impressions.

Going to France on holiday

PureFrance owner, Hugh Atkins says, "We all dream of our summer holidays. Whether it's stuck in the daily commute to work or in a boring business meeting, ideal summer holidays begin with pictures and dreams in our heads. Our huge on-line photo gallery of label-free images allows this dream to continue."

It's obviously a preliminary step, but it can be great fun and is surprisingly not available on any other holiday rental websites. Hugh Atkins continues, "We have had extraordinarily positive feedback from our clients who have found their ideal holiday homes using this system, instead of the conventional tick-box method".

PureFrance has an in-house, professional photographer so images are excellent and truly representative of what is offered. "Searching through photos is a genuinely pleasurable and relaxing experience”, says Hugh Atkins. "It hearkens back to my childhood when the family summer holiday was booked on the strength of a two line text ad in the Sunday Times; the excitement of never quite knowing what to expect was often the best part of the holiday – the anticipation of the unknown. And whilst holidays will never again be booked in this fashion, our feature of being able to browse only photographs, offers excitement and anticipation before discovering your chosen property offers all required criteria within budget".

Give your brain a rest and let the photos match your dreams; Choose your region and then select 'IMAGE GALLERY VIEW'.

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